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Saint Lucy / 2007

Plastinated circulatory system
John Willie
"…Sickness is something I understand. My corpse trembles in a euphoria of allergy each day that it drags itself across the surface of the earth. The weather ravages me, my joints become inflamed, ankylose, my lungs are shredded and torched to the point that they scarcely resist any longer, my skin is greenish pale, and the sockets of my eyes are withdrawn into black pits of foulness. As for my nervous-system—charred and three- quarters unstrung—that is my true pathological exhibit. No movement that does not seem like the twitching of an animal tortured to the brink of collapse, no thought that is not an experiment in damnation. Between ecstasy and torment there is no longer an interval of moderation; there is not even an alteration. I writhe on the spit of a devastated vitality, laughing with hunger for each ratcheting of descent…" —Nick Land, The Thirst for Annihilation: Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism (via 1109-83)

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li hui and myself as the accidental kusama piece
"We tend to think about relationships as static, as if we could just get into them, assume a position inside them and then continue to hold it, essentially without changing forever, world without end. But in fact, our relationships are fluid, vivid, mercurial, and constantly changing." —Daphne Rose Kingma

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Acute subdural hematoma secondary to blunt head trauma.

Heinrich Heidersberger
"You are this season,
this season between winter and spring,
one day warm, one day cold,
one week baring your lovely limbs,
one week buried under snow.
But you, always, in every way, you
everywhere, you
are making old things new." —Peregrine

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